On Pink Socks & Having a Little Girl

We had some complications early on in our pregnancy that caused us to get some very early ultrasounds to make sure things were okay. On one of those early ultrasounds, our doctor said not to quote her on it, but that she was pretty sure we were having a little boy. So we took that to the bank, picked out a little boy name, and were already growing attached to a blonde-headed little munchkin running around our house. So imagine our surprise a month later, (when getting another ultrasound) when the nurse asked whether we wanted to know the sex […]

A Few Reminders for Christian College Football Fans

Do you hear the faint sounds of marching bands filling the air in your town? I heard that familiar drumbeat the other day walking through town and I almost jumped in the air and clicked my heels. I sure hope you’ve heard it, because like holiday bells, that will be your cue that the greatest time of year has officially arrived. It’s football season, friends. College football season, to be exact. Yeah I know that thing they call the NFL is supposedly coming back on, but whatever. I’m talking about Saturdays, about Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler and waking up […]

News in the Clements Family

Well, it’s been crickets around here lately. Been really busy with work and some side projects. Hope your spring has been splendid. Wanted to drop in really quick and share some personal news. Kristi (my wife) and I have just started the adoption process and we are so excited we can hardly stand it! We launched a new blog called The Clements Tribe to keep people who want to stay updated in the loop. You can check out our first post here if you are interested: Some Big News For the Clements Family We would certainly love your prayers as […]

What Kind Of Life Are You Going To Live?

What kind of life are you going to live? I have always seemed to believe that I will answer that question at some point in the future. I did at 16 and I still do at 27. I’ll really flesh that out when ________ happens. It will be answered soon when I finally get time to ________ . Next week, next month…next year I will answer that question. And it will be a good answer, no doubt. (At least, it is in my head.) But I just have to get through today. Through this crazy week. Then things will be easier. […]

My Favorite Video of 2012

Do you guys remember 2012? I know it is old news by now, but I found myself re-watching this today and remembered just how special it is. I saw it one night in early December and watched it five times in a row, no lie. Reduced to a pile of tears, I had to nearly scrape myself out of my desk chair. If you haven’t seen it yet, please. I can’t tell you how worth 6 minutes it is. If you’ve seen it already, watch it again. It’ll do your 2013 heart good.  

The Faithfulness of God in Marriage

I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage lately. Partly because tomorrow (Oct 20th) is our 5 year anniversary. Partly because we are going through a 10-week series on marriage at Midtown, which by the way, is so good that no matter what your marital status is, you’re wrong if you don’t give it a listen. Not to mention, I was in my friend Travis’s wedding last weekend. We played golf for part of his bachelor party, and there were typical moron middle-aged men who talked to us and pulled the whole, “OH NOOOO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? HOW CAN WE […]

Apple Hath Put A Hex On Me

This Wednesday, Apple introduced the newest shiny thing to their indomitable repertoire, and like millions of others, my breath quickened skimming through the live blogs explaining every update. And I wouldn’t even consider myself a junkie–I don’t own every Apple product, and I didn’t help crash Apple’s website by ordering an iPhone 5 Wednesday night at midnight. I’m due for an upgrade so I may get one eventually, but not anytime soon. But that does not change the fact that I am, it seems, inexorably hexed by the techie firm from California. I oohed at the new features, even though […]

Happy 4th of July World…Love America

My friend Jon Ludovina made this to celebrate the 4th of July. It’s a list of all the things, in his words, that “America has invented and given to the world free of charge. You’re welcome, world.” I have no idea where he found all of this (or really, how true they all are), but I thought it was pretty awesome. Which is your favorite? Mine has to be the coffee percolator. Or the ferris wheel. Or the cheesesteak. It’s a toss up, really. – 1717 – swim fins – 1776 – swivel chair – 1792 – crackers – 1829 – […]

Bragging On My Boo

Welp. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. Longer than a while, actually. For good reason, though. May was a tad on the crazy side. Kristi graduated from grad school, we mourned the loss of her grandfather, and I was out of commission for a while due to having minor surgery (to remove a cyst from somewhere a guy doesn’t want to have a cyst). Thankfully it wasn’t cancerous and didn’t cause any complications, so that’s a huge blessing. Needless to say, I wasn’t sad to see May pass into the history books. June is looking peachy so far. Speaking […]

My Personal Standard Of Beauty

Well. It’s Valentine’s Day. I figured this would be as good a chance as any to share something I’ve been thinking about lately…one of my favorite things about the way God has designed marriage.   Impossible Because It’s Fake It all started when I watched a short Youtube video about how media and advertising have been affecting our culture’s general standard of beauty (the impossibly flawless list of ideals that our society deems as most important to being judged “beautiful”). It sharply reveals (with specific examples) that in fact, many of the images of beautiful people we see on television […]