What I’ve Learned from Being a Parent So Far

On vacation at Seabrook Island last summer, Kristi looked at me and said, “I think I need to go get a pregnancy test.” Which was a surprise to both of us, seeing that we weren’t doing what the doctor told us we’d need to do to get pregnant. On the way back from CVS, tears [...]

On Pink Socks & Having a Little Girl

We had some complications early on in our pregnancy that caused us to get some very early ultrasounds to make sure things were okay. On one of those early ultrasounds, our doctor said not to quote her on it, but that she was pretty sure we were having a little boy. So we took that [...]

There Are Kids In the River…Thoughts from El Salvador

I’m flying over El Salvador on my way back to the States. The beach is below, waves crawling to the shore. Not far beyond are rolling green mountains, clouds perched above them. No doubt there is a mother somewhere in that shadow walking out of her shanty, wiping the sweat off her forehead, saying “Gracias” [...]

Frederick Buechner On Preaching & Writing

I love these words from Frederick Buechner on preaching & writing. On preaching: X + Y = Z. IF YOU know the value of one of the letters, you know something. If you know the value of two, you can probably figure out the whole thing. If you don’t know the value of any, you [...]

A Few Reminders for Christian College Football Fans

Do you hear the faint sounds of marching bands filling the air in your town? I heard that familiar drumbeat the other day walking through town and I almost jumped in the air and clicked my heels. I sure hope you’ve heard it, because like holiday bells, that will be your cue that the greatest [...]

Those Camoflauged Mercies

Sometimes the things we want are not really what we want. That is a truth that, should you put it in your pipe and smoke it, would change your life. I’m a bit of a redneck at heart, so…Garth Brooks, of course. In college Kristi and I would ride around in my Jeep listening to [...]

Please Meet Frederick Beuchner

About a year ago I stumbled upon Frederick Beuchner’s writing. I read his Telling the Truth: the Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy, & Fairy Tale and was floored by it. He is, I believe, one of the most talented writers I have ever read. He can surprise with words and get past your natural defenses to [...]

Mute (Flash Fiction Friday)

Sippanont Samchai via Compfight It took me four hours to work up the courage, and another 30 minutes to find my phone. My mind these days, I swear. My fingers are sweating, but I manage to punch in the number. I swallow a lump and, after a deep breath, work up the courage to hit [...]

The Grace of God and a Friend Named Thor

Several years back, I got an email. From a guy named Thor. And I was like, “No way, that’s the coolest name ever.” So we met up for coffee at Immaculate Consumption, and I soon discovered that he was as cool as his name. He told me his story and we became friends instantly. He [...]

Bubble (Flash Fiction Friday)

Two quick things: A) I’ve had a strong desire to write fiction again recently. I’ve mostly been putting it off, and I don’t see doing another novel in the near future, but it’s getting to the point where I can’t not do it anymore. B) I’ve been endlessly fascinated with moments–things I’ll notice or see [...]