Bragging On My Boo

Welp. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. Longer than a while, actually.

For good reason, though. May was a tad on the crazy side. Kristi graduated from grad school, we mourned the loss of her grandfather, and I was out of commission for a while due to having minor surgery (to remove a cyst from somewhere a guy doesn’t want to have a cyst). Thankfully it wasn’t cancerous and didn’t cause any complications, so that’s a huge blessing. Needless to say, I wasn’t sad to see May pass into the history books. June is looking peachy so far.

Speaking of graduating from grad school, I’d love to take a moment to brag on the hardest working woman I know. My boo:

  • Completed a 3 year program in 2 years.
  • Worked full-time, in addition to being in grad school full-time during a large portion of those 2 years.
  • Got an internship (and a forthcoming job!) at the First Presbyterian Christian Counseling Center–the best private practice center in town, hands down.
  • Practically crushed the NCE (national licensing test for clinical counseling).

I am so very proud of her. And the icing on the cake of course is…I get free counseling! Heaven knows I need it.

She is unbelievably gifted to speak healing and truth into the lives of hurting people, and I know God is going to use her in incredible ways to help hordes and hordes of people. She’ll tell you that Jesus got her through the absolute craziness of the past 2 years, and that couldn’t be more true. Somehow He kept her sane and healthy in the midst of an unbelievable schedule.

But also on a lighter note, this video helped too:

We found it before she started and jokingly made it her anthem and inspiration to get through. Every time she’d get stressed out I would reminder her that in fact, “You can do anything good.”

You did it, babe. I am beyond proud of you and grateful to be your husband. Can’t wait to see how Jesus uses your passion & giftedness to serve others.

7 thoughts on “Bragging On My Boo”

  1. Ashley Wright


    she’s a winner. 
    Jesus looks good when a husband brags on his wife (and vise versa). 
    this post is great.  

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