Apple Hath Put A Hex On Me

This Wednesday, Apple introduced the newest shiny thing to their indomitable repertoire, and like millions of others, my breath quickened skimming through the live blogs explaining every update.

And I wouldn’t even consider myself a junkie–I don’t own every Apple product, and I didn’t help crash Apple’s website by ordering an iPhone 5 Wednesday night at midnight. I’m due for an upgrade so I may get one eventually, but not anytime soon.

But that does not change the fact that I am, it seems, inexorably hexed by the techie firm from California. I oohed at the new features, even though nothing was earth-shattering.

But the thing that really made me realize my hex was not my desire for the new shiny Apple product, it was my disdain for anything else.

You see, as I was reading about the new iPhone, I came across articles wondering if Apple is losing their touch, putting forth interesting evidence that, at least empirically, the iPhone may not be the most powerful or noteworthy smartphone on the planet anymore.

And do you know what my response to that was?

“Pfffffffftttttttt. RIGHT…”

And then I realized something. It wouldn’t matter if ten of the world’s leading technology experts sat down in front of me with the iPhone 5 and Smartphone X beside each other, then proceeded to systematically demonstrate how Smartphone X is better, faster, cooler, and more intelligent than the iPhone.

No matter what they showed me, I frankly don’t think I would believe them. And if I did begin to believe them, I still think I would wholeheartedly not care. Not want Smartphone X. Still have so much trust in Apple that even if they were beaten by another, they would not stay beaten.

So, I’m wondering…how did this happen? Do the Apple-ites from Cupertino have some sort of mind potion they are releasing from the chips in our iPhones? How did they manage to put such a powerful hex on me?

I really don’t know. But hexed I am.

What about you? Do you feel the same Apple hex I’m describing, or are you a defecter? (Or could you not possibly care less?)

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  • AnnieCarterUK

    I’ve never been an Apple loyalist and find the obsession many friends and acquaintances have somewhat amusing. At least you’ve begun to consider the power Apple has over you! Here’s my spin on it: Another Bite of the Apple

    • Brandon Clements

      Thanks so much Annie. And great post!

  • AnnieCarterUK

    Ugh I tried to give this article 4 stars but it didn’t work, started going to -1 to -6! Then my husband says, it’s meant to just be a star (i.e one) but what does he know about blogs?!

  • Lana M

    It’s branding and the exclusivity… Well it used to be exclusive and in a way, it still is. Though all tech has its fair share of glitches, Apple included, they have built a system that is fairly safe, predictable, and very reliable. When you connect their products it’s like you have one tech Eco-system; iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook, itunes and etc. You cannot say that about other manufacturers products. Android makers are in a neverending battle to come up with “Apple Killer” and “iPhone killer” products and leave out a lot of unifying products and services between devices. Instead of making one product and enhancing it, they come up with other products and make the users of the old feel like they are carrying ancient ruins.

    With all that said, Apple creates their products to be unified, branded, and standard. You can find a million and one accessories for an iPhone (any model). But not for the competitors.

    Good post!

    Happily typed from my iPhone 4S, soon to be upgraded to an iPhone 5 in November!

    • Brandon Clements

      Well said Lana, well said. The consistent ecosystem is certainly a huge factor. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Drew Mendoza

    I’m definitely not under the hex. Apple makes great products, but I know they don’t make the best smart phone any more. Apple got famous because they were at the cutting edge of innovation, and you never knew what to expect from them. The last time Apple really introduced something ground breaking was the original iPhone. Even the iPad is really just a larger couple of the iPhone. Show me one thing the iPad does that the iPhone doesn’t. However, now plenty of phone companies have caught up, and Apple is actually stealing some of their successes in innovation to “keep up”. I’ve had a phone with an 8MP camera for over a year now, and they have been around longer than that. My phone also has a 4.5in screen (which is actually very hard to crack too). Compare the iPhone to Samsung’s Galaxy SIII; you’ll be very surprised.

    Apple is definitely the leader in electron design, but I would seriously debate anyone who tries to argue that the company is leading the pack in innovation, at least in the cell phone arena. Nevertheless, I will repeat my earlier statement: Apple makes great products.

    • Brandon Clements

      Interesting. Thanks for your feedback, Drew. We miss you around Cola. Hope you’re having fun and enjoying school!

  • Ruthanne Reid

    Not under the hex, myself – but then, I tend to get REALLY leery whenever any company presents itself as magical koolaid. 😉

    • Brandon Clements

      Haha, nice. Thanks for your feedback Ruthanne. And I love your name!

      • Ruthanne Reid

        Why, thank you! (Is there a particular reason?)

        • Brandon Clements

          Probably because my grandmother’s name is Ann. And I love her so much. And I like double names.

          • Ruthanne Reid

            Very cool! Mine combines my mother’s and great grandmother’s, so it’s a true double name. 🙂 Thanks for the answer!

          • Brandon Clements

            Very cool. Family names are the best.

  • Nick Ortega

    I have no hatred of Apple, but so far own no iDevices (I do keep iTunes and Safari on my pc to organize my audiobooks and music libraries). The hex is subtle, isn’t it?

    • Brandon Clements

      It is subtle indeed. Some would say that once you get iTunes you’re a goner:) Thanks for stopping by, Nick.

  • Pilar Arsenec

    I love the Andoid system.

    • Brandon Clements

      That seems to be a growing sentiment that I hear. Thanks for stopping in Pilar.

  • Tara Beebe

    I am an Android user. I think they have the Hex on me as well!

    • Brandon Clements

      Well that’s good to hear, I guess it works both ways:)

      Thanks for stopping in Tara.

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