The Faithfulness of God in Marriage

I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage lately. Partly because tomorrow (Oct 20th) is our 5 year anniversary. Partly because we are going through a 10-week series on marriage at Midtown, which by the way, is so good that no matter what your marital status is, you’re wrong if you don’t give it a listen. Not to mention, I was in my friend Travis’s wedding last weekend. We played golf for part of his bachelor party, and there were typical moron middle-aged men who talked to us and pulled the whole, “OH NOOOO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? HOW CAN WE […]

You Will Be So Different

As part of my job as a pastor at Midtown, I get the privilege of running our Recovery ministry. Being a part of Recovery has challenged me to no end, and it has absolutely been my favorite part of ministry so far. Getting to walk beside people learning how the gospel of Jesus frees them from slavery to sin and also heals scars from sins committed against them is nothing short of beautiful. Weighty, for sure. But beautiful. One thing I’m grateful for is just how real it is. It is a constant reminder that beneath all of the “hey-how-are-you-fine-I’m-just-fine” […]

Some Sad News About My Friend Luis

If you’ve been around Midtown for a while, been around the blog for a while, or read my book, odds are you know or have heard about my friend Luis. He’s a 43 year-old hispanic man who, upon our first contact with him years ago, was passed out in Finlay Park, homeless and drinking rubbing alcohol. Needless to say, he’s come a long way since then. He got on his feet, battled his addiction to alcohol, met Jesus, was baptized, and got smack in the middle of a church who loved him and legitimately became his family–the people that he […]

Things That Suck: Racism And Churches Ran By Non-Christians

You are not going to believe this. Sunday night I was sitting on the steps of the church before our 5:00 gathering talking to someone. An African-American man in his forties walked by with a woman about the same age, smiling and nodding. When I smiled and waved back, he stopped for a minute and looked up at me. “That’s a real nice church you got there,” he said, very genuinely. “Thanks,” I said, “it’s not our building, but we’re really thankful to get to meet here on Sunday nights.” He then shuffled a little awkwardly and braced himself for […]

My Pride and the $100 Cockroach

I’ve known for a long time that I have a pretty stable personality. What I mean by that is, at least around most people I’m mostly always the same person, in the same chill mood. I’m not very excitable, and I don’t get down about things often. I score high on the S part of the DISC personality profile, which in part symbolizes stability. Part of it is how God made me, no doubt. And part of it, I believe, is a reaction to less than positive experiences with more unsteady personalities. That has led to a large part of […]

The Kind Of Father I Long To Be

  On Father’s Day I stumbled on this post by John Piper describing the father of a missionary named John G. Paton. Piper introduces some brief sections of John Paton’s autobiography and shares some quotes from the book concerning his father. Piper: “There was a “closet” where his father would go for prayer as a rule after each meal. The eleven children knew it and they reverenced the spot and learned something profound about God. The impact on John Paton was immense.” Though everything else in religion were by some unthinkable catastrophe to be swept out of memory, were blotted […]

You Become Numb To It

This past weekend Kristi and I went to the Upstate to see our families and go to her brother’s high school graduation. When we visit, we always stay with my Mema because she has plenty of extra room (and because she’s awesome). Staying there has become one of our favorite places in the world–from sitting around the table catching up with her to peacefully quiet nights in her house to Saturday morning trips to Yank’s for breakfast. And let me tell you, it’s beautiful. Decades ago my Grandaddy bought 45 or so acres of rolling green hills and built their […]

The Faith Of My Little Sister

So I was on my way to work the other day and, judge me if you want to–I checked my iPhone at a red light. I saw an email from Kristi with the subject line “Hannah’s Post On Facebook.” (For those of you that don’t know, Hannah is my little sister–a beautiful & talented freshman in high school, and I’m posting this with her permission.) Seeing that I’m always trying to keep her away from boys and dreading when she’s dating a new one, I immediately clicked on the email & read the post. And then, well, I burst into […]

The Weekend Where Hopelessness Goes To Die

There’s something about Spring and the Easter season that gets me every year. Change and new life are in the air (and also all over our cars, which is less awesome). Kristi and I were talking about this a while back and she was saying how cool it is that God created seasons. “Whenever I get really tired of winter,” she said, “God’s like, ‘Here’s Spring!’ And then, that fades into heat and when the heat really starts to get old, God’s puts the crisp of fall in the air.” I think this is indeed a very meaningful thing. But Spring? […]

My Pastor Fail Of The Week

If you know me (or if you’ve read my book), you probably know my friend Luis. I’ve written about him a lot in the past, and he’s a dear friend of mine with a miraculous story. He’s also really, really funny (sometimes trying to be, sometimes not), and communication with him is not always the easiest thing. About a month ago his Lifegroup leader Jeff called me and said that some guys in the group had mentioned that Luis had a birthday coming up on March 27th, and they were thinking of doing something for him. I told him that […]