My Pastor Fail Of The Week

If you know me (or if you’ve read my book), you probably know my friend Luis. I’ve written about him a lot in the past, and he’s a dear friend of mine with a miraculous story. He’s also really, really funny (sometimes trying to be, sometimes not), and communication with him is not always the easiest thing.

About a month ago his Lifegroup leader Jeff called me and said that some guys in the group had mentioned that Luis had a birthday coming up on March 27th, and they were thinking of doing something for him. I told him that we should absolutely do something, so we planned a surprise party at Pawley’s Front Porch. And their Lifegroup did awesome things like bake him a cake and buy him gifts.

And then yesterday I texted Luis to tell him happy birthday. A while later, he calls me back and I tell him again.

And he says, confused, “Today’s not my birthday…it’s May 27th, not March 27th.”

I slapped my forehead and I realized I’d just accomplished both my pastor and friend fail of the week.

Because I knew his birthday was May 27th. I don’t know how, but it just left me somehow and I didn’t remember to say, “Hey wait a minute…” when I talked to Jeff.

So then I texted Jeff and told him the bad news.

And though I wasn’t able to go, they still had an extra early surprise party for him last night, and explained the mishap.

(Anyone want to make me feel better and tell me that you’ve also thrown your friend a birthday party 2 months away from their actual birthday? Yeah, I didn’t think so…)

He called me today and I apologized profusely. I felt terrible. “I’m sorry buddy,” I said. “It’s my fault. I knew your birthday was in May and just forgot somehow.”

He laughed it off and said, “No…you guys do it great. It’s funny. We have fun…eat some good food.”

And then, when we were getting off the phone, he says “Hey–”


“Happy Birthday.” I can see his grin through the phone.

“You got me buddy.” He laughed as we hung up the phone.

Anyone else have one of those weeks? I hope not…but if so, I feel your pain.

70 thoughts on “My Pastor Fail Of The Week”

  1. Meredith Hassell

    I texted Mellie on March 18 to tell her happy birthday only to learn it wasn’t until April 18. You bet I remembered this year! lol

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