quote of the day

“Bring your heart with its profoundest emptiness, its most startling discovery of sin, its lowest frame, its deepest sorrow, and sink it into the depths of the Saviour’s love… Christ’s love touching your hard heart, will dissolve it; touching your cold heart, will warm it; touching your sinful heart, will purify it; touching your sorrowful …

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good news

I believe the Gospel is good news for this life and the next. Too many times it gets reduced to just one of those options, and in doing so either the truth or the beauty of the Gospel is compromised. Enjoy this clear and convicting snippet of wisdom: “God created both soul and body, and …

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crashing in

This is an excerpt from a post that my beautiful wife wrote on her new blog about a week ago.  It honestly made me cry when I read it the first time.  She just amazes me beyond my minds ability to comprehend it, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she will rub off on …

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