thanks God

I was just talking on the phone with Luis about his day and about how much work he has gotten this week. I wanted to make sure so I asked him if he had enough food. His response:

“Oh yeah…mucho comida. Thanks God.”

He is a constant reminder of God’s provision for me, and the fact that most of my “worries” about that stuff are petty. A while back I saw him eating a quesadilla from the dumpster behind Monterrey’s, and he got upset because I told him he shouldn’t do that–that we would get him food anytime he needed it. I’ve never had to dig in a dumpster to find food, yet I worry about that kind of stuff way more than he does.

I love love love the way he always replies to anything about provision with “Thanks God.” Its like he never suffers from the American confusion about where his provision comes from.

Another favorite thing–recently every time I have talked to him on the phone or left him in person, he has ended the conversation in exactly the same way:

“And tell Kristi, I say ‘Hi,’ and tell that little thing…that, como se dice, perrito, I say ‘Barr rarr rarr.'” (In person he bends down and acts like he is really barking at my dog. It’s awesome.)

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