the champions

Today Jay showed me this video of the last part of our championship intramural ultimate game from our sophomore year at Anderson. I couldn’t stop laughing at it(mainly at Jeff Gilden’s comments). Man, college was oh so much fun, and those pink Zingers jerseys bring back a lot of memories.

I can’t imagine you are bored enough to watch this whole video. In fact, please don’t–pick up a book or talk to a friend instead. BUT….Jay does make a sick catch around 4:10, where he flies out of nowhere like Superman for a score. So skip to that part….its worth the watch. I still don’t know where he came from. Its like magic.

Anderson peeps: question for the ages–who would prevail in a fantasy game of the Zingers against the Electric Lions? I would guard myself, so I would have me on lockdown. Same for Jay and Puddin, while I’m thinking Tolbert vs. Butter, Russ vs. Wellington, and Alonzo vs. Bailey….hmmm. It would be one for the ages indeed, but I think the Lions would pull it out.

(Thanks to Puddin for posting this awesomeness.)


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