It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. I won’t apologize, because this is my “very un-daily” blog. However, I feel like a month and a half with no posts is well, a long time. And I miss it, because I love writing and sharing thoughts, so I’m gonna try to be a bit more regular, though still very un-daily.

So, really short life update: Last fall was absolutely brutal. Christmas and New Years were great, except for almost getting shot on Christmas Eve(story for another time). January was great, besides mourning the death of Kristi’s grandpa. I was ordained to be a Pastor at Midtown. I have been detoxing and learning a lot, and this Spring looks like it will be much easier. I’m in a class on the book of John and it is amazing.

Now, to the awesomeness that was this past weekend. I was stuck in a cabin in Pigeon Forge when our Midtown Family Vacation became #Stuckinacabin2010 due to a blizzard of epic proportions. At least for South Carolinians. We did some adventurous sledding on steep icy roads but thankfully no one had to go to the hospital, because we would not have been able to get there. I think Derek Jakes may have broken his elbow sledding down a hill standing up in a rubber trash can though. Bad idea, I know. Unfortunately it was my idea, but he wanted to try it first! Sara Prothro couldn’t figure out Spoon Art and it was HILARIOUS.  It was so rough, waiting out the blizzard while sitting in the hot tub on the porch looking out over the mountains…I know you feel sorry for us. Meanwhile, we shared stories of how Jesus is working in our lives and talked about being missionaries to our city. It was awesome, as you can already tell. I love love love my Midtown family.

Here’s to getting snowed in on top of a mountain. Scratch that off my bucket list.

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