never full.

I had the privilege of spending this weekend at Camp Midtown with my church family. And more than ever before, I really mean family when I say it. It is not some light-hearted, southern religious word–no, it is for real. We are legitimately a family. A family that plays and prays together. A family that cries and laughs together, that fights for each other. A family that repents of sin against each other and seeks reconciliation in all things. A family that is willing to call each other out and offer unnerving grace at the exact same time. It really is happening, and it is truly miraculous. We are looking more and more like a Jesus-centered family on mission with Him, with our arms wide open to reconcile other lost children to their Father. Some incredible stories are being lived out, like piercing lights illuminating the darkness. The Gospel is breaking chains and freeing prisoners. Tonight at a random gathering, we collected close to 100 cases of bottled water to give out to the homeless. My heart swelled with joy at the mountain of plastic piling up, and I was reminded once more why I love my family so much, and why I feel the courage to fight alongside them against anything that may come along.

There are some really amazing things stirring in the waters of our family. I have a feeling that things are about to get even more crazy, and God is going to blow us all away at what He is doing. I get kind of giddy when I think about it. We might want to buckle up, because we are the sent people of God to bring hope to our city, and the call is going out from more and more lives every day:

Come, Columbia. Come out from your hiding places, from under your lonely rocks, your tvs and computers. Climb over your white picket fence, and come take a seat at the Father’s banquet table. Be reconciled to your brother and have a laugh with your sister. Pass the bread around, eat and drink freely as you begin to experience the healing of family. Bow your head and thank Jesus that He has called you out of your cold, miserable hiding place and into the light…and thank Him for the beautiful fact that His family is never full.

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