My friend Luis and all that God is doing in his life continues to amaze me.

Last night I watched Luis be a missionary to his new friend John. He brought John to church with him, and I overheard several conversations between the two that were so incredibly encouraging. He made a valiant effort to make John feel welcome and introduce him to family.

Every conversation I had with Luis last night ended up with him trying to focus on and give all the glory to God and not himself.

Luis told me last night that he prays for me and for all of his family at Midtown every single day. Conviction punched me in the stomach. I wish I could have told him that I prayed for him specifically every day the past week.

Last week I was talking with Luis, and he was telling me about his struggles. He said, “You guys are my family, but I only get to see you once a week. The other six days are hard. I get lonely.” My heart shattered when he said that, and I knew that we had to figure out some way for him to connect with his family more.

And then last night, I was taken aback when Luis walked in with a middle-aged, white homeless man that I had never seen before and introduced his new friend. Luis is one of the few homeless I know that is always alone. Then, as I heard the story of how they met, how they work together, and now live together, it was all I could do to refrain from bursting into tears right there in the lobby.

Jesus gave Luis a friend. A friend that can be with him all the time, even at work.

So in the midst of tearing questions of how we can become more involved with the homeless, God steps in and shows me that He is in control. He shows me that His heart for the homeless, the orphans, the widows, the lost, and the broken is much bigger than mine ever could be. His heart is ever-broken and His arms ever-reaching out to them. Thank you Father for taking care of Your children. Thank You for taking care of my friend Luis.

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