He’s healing us

This is a thank you letter that was sent out to everyone who volunteered at our Homeless Block Party last Saturday from Eric Moulton–an amazing guy who has an incredible heart for what the Gospel has to say about homelessness. It really encouraged me, so I wanted to share. Enjoy…

“To Everyone who came out for the “Block Party”

..Wow. I’m just blown away. When we were out there on Saturday I had a
chance to take a step back and just look at everything – at the party
and at the people. I saw Jesus. I saw Jesus all over the place.

I saw Jesus in one of the homeless brothers from Midtown bringing a
huge bag of double cheeseburgers for the other homeless people. Think
about the widow and her last penny… Another homeless brother of ours
was out cleaning up trash in the parking lot during the party. I saw
Jesus in lots of our brothers and sisters hugging complete strangers
shunned by our city.

I hope that y’all can see the incredible view when you take a step
back. It’s breathtaking. You want to see a miracle? How about a young,
middle-class white kid sitting next to an older, poor black man and
both of them are laughing and having fun – just talking. Look at what
societies naturally do without Jesus – whites and blacks used to hate
each other, the rich and the poor are often afraid of each other. Take
a step back and look at the awesome works of Jesus. He’s healing us.
He’s healing our city and our society and each of us and each of the
people we come in contact with through us. We are seeing brokeness
restored. We are seeing what once was lame beginning to stand.

Have faith. Our God makes no mistakes and our God is moving our city.
Be ready and faithful. 🙂

Thank you for being ready and being willing. We will see amazing
wonders through simple love as we continue.”

With love
Eric Moulton

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