have you ever

wanted to pull your car over, ciphon some gas out of the tank onto a church marquis, drop a lit match and stand back to watch?

Yea, me too.

I wish this was a joke. It’s not. I took this picture two weeks ago in my hometown. The church has had quite a few troublesome signs in my lifetime. More than once while growing up I thought about writing a letter to the pastor, or just going up there at night and rearranging the letters to say something funny. When my wife and I rode by it the first time, we were both literally speechless for about 30 seconds. I simply had no words. I had honestly forgotten that there are still people within Christendom today that fight worship wars.

Thanks for the stomach-churning reminder, Emmanuel Baptist Church.

27 thoughts on “have you ever”

  1. klash,
    you ciphon out the gasoline, and i'll light the match…
    anyway, i have always wondered what the word contemporary means. what was contemporary in 1999 is outdated now…don't you think that singing hymns and using choir robes was one day contemporary as well?

  2. brandonclements

    I mean, if ya'll are up for a road trip I'm down…I do know all of the cops in Liberty–all four of them–and I'm pretty sure they would turn their heads…

    travis–for real man. the organ was contemporary at one point. Oh, the depths of our silliness…

    jamison–great question, that would be too funny if they do!

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