Make Time For The Wisdom Of Wrinkles

Tonight I read this post about the passing away of a generation of sisters called “The Last Of The Amazons.” It was really inspiring and honestly, breathtakingly written. It closes with this stellar line:

They are the stuff of legend, and fittingly so. For the world will not see their like again.

It got me thinking: why does it seem like our culture is moving farther and farther away from honoring old people? Like my friend Adam says, only in America are elderly people with actual life experience seen as bothersome, while a little kid is treated like a god.

Maybe it has to do with the constant “newness” of our society. That if you’re not up-to-date then you’re obsolete. iPad 2? That was SO last week.

I don’t know, maybe it has to do with a lot of other things too. I’m sure it does. If you have any ideas I’d love to hear them.

We should honor those that have gone long before us–those who have bore us on their backs. Not treat them with smugness or contempt because they are out of the loop.

Because, the truth is, they are in a lot of loops that we need to be in.

Loops like wisdom. Faithfulness. Taking your time sometimes. Grace. Slowing down. Steadfastness. Contentment.

So I encourage you to read the article. Let it spur you on to honor and respect those who have come before us, and make some time to sit at their feet and listen. Ask questions. Learn something.

Make time for the wisdom of wrinkles.

God knows we need it.

53 thoughts on “Make Time For The Wisdom Of Wrinkles”

  1. Awesomely convicting.  I even read the article (because you said so).  I need this- I rush, I get mad at older people because they slow me down and get confused by technology, and I take for granted the “loops” they are in that I’m not.  Great stuff, Brandon.

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