Improve The South Carolina vs. Clemson Rivalry

As a lifelong resident of South Carolina and Clemson fan from birth, I highly resonated with this idea to improve our great rivalry when I came across it. Having a new name and significant trophy for the rivalry would be very helpful for national exposure, and also a lot of fun. If you are a fan of either, check out the idea and sign the petition so we can try to make it happen. What better time to start than this year, which will hopefully be a square-off of top ten teams?

Until then: Go Tigers! (And Go Gamecocks…until November 26th…)


P.S. Isn’t is crazy how much better orange looks than garnet?

30 thoughts on “Improve The South Carolina vs. Clemson Rivalry”

  1. Hi! Gullinkambi from Thoughtful Gamecock here. Thank you so much for your support in our rivalry idea. We really appreciate the link, and the support we have been getting from Clemson fans across the state. We sincerely hope that Carolina and Clemson fans can work together to make this thing happen. Thank you again!

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