Get To The Heart

The video below is a short clip from John Piper with some advice to young pastors on leading their families. However, it really is applicable to everyone, because at the heart it is really about communication. I watched it over a week ago and it messed me up. Specifically, the story about his 11 year old adopted girl. I think it is a beautiful example of one of those moments we all know too well, where everyone in a situation knows that there’s something that needs to be talked about, something needs to be dug up and addressed. But so often it just gets swept under the rug because that’s easier. It’s always tempting to let the difficulty of those conversations tempt you into avoiding them altogether. It’s hardly ever easy to get to the heart, and the more you let those moments pass by unaddressed the harder it gets to stop that cycle.

After I heard that simple story, all I could think was, “What if he wouldn’t have pursued that moment with her? What if he would have decided to watch TV instead that night (I know he’s John Piper and he doesn’t have a TV:)? What could that simple seed have grown into if it didn’t get addressed and uprooted then?”

Anyways, I wanted to share it in hopes that it would also spur you on in the difficult work of getting to the heart with people. It encouraged me to pursue diligence and intentionality in those moments, and to not take them lightly. I really want to be that kind of husband, father, and pastor.

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