from where I’m sitting 4-9-09

*April is trying to be as busy as March.  I’m trying not to let it.

*I’m so excited about Easter weekend.  I get to go to the Upstate and see the fam, and I’m so pumped.  Then back for an amazing Easter service….I can’t wait.

*Had a little man night tonight.  Charcoal grill+filet+sausage+strawberry salad+baked potato+Allen+Adam+Wade+Adam trying to figure out the charcoal grill+great conversation+deep fried Snickers=almost too good to be true.  I really havent’ had a meal that good in well…I don’t know.  A long dad-gum time.

*Jay Hendricks has a new nickname:  Giggles.  Please make it stick.

*I just got an unbelievable visual voice mail app for my Blackberry today.  YouMail.  Craziness.

*I know this is older, but it is my favorite song right now.  Please do take a moment and enjoy.  Or buy the real version…it is better.


“I’m addicted, I’m needy, I’m lost without You.”  Yes.  Yes I am.

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