Homeless for the Homeless was incredible once again.  Check out the video on this news story if you missed it.  I never get tired of watching our family be broken and reach out to hurting people with the love and redemption of Jesus.  I found out the hard way that 18 degrees ain’t no joke…especially in an $8 sleeping bag from Wal-Mart!  We raised over $15,000 for the homeless in our city and I can’t wait to see the changes that take place in the next year because people in our city are responding to God’s mandate to help the hurting.  It will be so cool to see more Luis’s and more Willie’s encountering the hope of the Gospel and getting off the streets.

Sidenote:  last year=no sleeping bag.  This year=cheapo from Wal-Mart made for summertime.  Recurring theme here?  I’m an idiot.

In other news…I am so pumped about going to the Upstate to see family and friends for Thanksgiving.  From now until Christmas is my favorite time of the year without a doubt(other than the cold).  I love Christmas music especially–it just makes me so happy.  Whoever sang that song about it being the most wonderful time of the year is right on…sing it bro!

Yay for long weekends, family, and good food!

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