knockdown. drag-out.

Its been a fight lately. I’ve been having one of those knockdown drag-out fights with God the past two weeks. What that means usually is that I kick and scream and fuss a lot, and then God, in His ever gentle and loving way, knocks me down a notch and drags me out of my selfishness.
I was sitting at work this morning in the midst of one of my inner temper tantrums, and this is what the Holy Spirit said to me: “Brandon I know you are frustrated, and that’s okay. But the question you need to answer is really quite simple. Am I enough for you or not? Am I sufficient or do you need more? Ministry makes a terrible idol, and you better learn to be content in Me now or face being restless and unhappy for the rest of your life chasing a pipedream. Waiting on some kind of payoff won’t do you any good, because even if it does come, it won’t fulfill. I am the prize. I am the goal and the reward. Only I can fulfill, and I can do so whether you are in the wilderness or in the promised land. You just worry about learning that for now.”

41 thoughts on “knockdown. drag-out.”

  1. OK I love this post for a few reasons.

    1) It's encouraging, and I find myself in that situation quite often, where you're fighting against God and then He does everything He can to snap you out of that and make you realize He's all we need.
    2) Because you said "knockdown drag-out". I grew up using this phrase ALL THE TIME with my family and you reminded me of that. haha. Thanks.

    Tomorrow evening should be extremely encouraging in the sense that for about 40 different stories, all you're going to hear is about how God is enough, He is it, He is good. And it's wonderful to be reminded, over and over again.

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