from where I’m sitting 10-28-08

*I get on these kicks where I find a song I love and I listen to it non-stop for two weeks. I try to stop just before I get tired of it and don’t want to hear it ever again. Thanks to my friend Blake this is my new favorite:


*”When blood and water hit the ground, walls we couldn’t move came crashing down” could be one of the best song lyrics I’ve heard in a long time.

*Last night Luis cooked some delicious steak tacos for me. They were seriously amazing. He got to carve his first pumpkin ever too…it was so much fun. He is kind of stressed out right now because he lost his job last week. Please be praying for him. He is showing so much maturity and taking joy in the fact that he still has Jesus and his family, believing that God will provide for him. He just never stops crushing me.

*Tonight I called the Verizon corporate line to upgrade Kristi’s phone. In the middle of an awkward silence while the young lady was waiting on something, I asked her where she was working from. To my surprise she said, “Columbia, SC.” I think it is so cool when a very impersonal, distant thing like a calling center winds up being 10 minutes from your house and you can picture the building the person is in. Such a good reminder that the world really is smaller than we think, that we are all connected.

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