take our living rooms back

People who live without TV–This article says that the average American watches 3 hours of television per day. That absolutely blows my mind. That means that the average person wastes 45.625 solid twenty-four hour days a year watching TV. That is terribly sad. Its no wonder so many Americans are depressed–a plastic box that lights up makes for a terrible friend. Come on America–don’t waste your life watching TV! Go outside more. Read a book. Go to coffee and have conversations with real people. Let’s take our living rooms back from shiny dictators and learn to spend time with people doing things that actually matter.

I’m so angry right now…if it weren’t for college football and Lost I would go throw my TV out in the street! I might do it anyway. I bet I could invite myself to someone’s house anytime Lost or a football game I want to watch comes on? But what about those noisy people who make you so mad during Lost? Oh my soul is torn!…

I know that TV can be a good escape at times, and a way to connect with others. But clearly it has gone way too far in our culture and we as Christians need to find creative ways to expose that and redeem it. Our enemy is crafty indeed in his schemes to pull us away from living Gospel-centered lives that resonate with significance. A very wise man once said that “murder is no better than cards if cards can do the trick.” Indeed, murder is also no better than TV, and it seems that for many it has done the trick.

Let’s lead the way for others to step off of satan’s gentle slope to nothing and reclaim our homes for Jesus-centered community.

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