lies that keep us apart

I don’t feel like I belong.”

“I feel lonely.”

“I am afraid of being unloved, or unaccepted.”

“I don’t fit in.”

“I feel like an outsider.”

I’ve heard that the two greatest human desires are to be known and to be loved. Tonight I am wondering how many groups of people exist where everyone in the group feels something similar to the statements above, and they are completely emotionally disconnected because of it. How many middle school classrooms? How many small groups? How many families? How many friend groups?

This breaks my heart to think about so many people hiding in the prisons of their minds, kneeling behind their fears and deep kept secrets. It makes me want to walk into classrooms and living rooms, to reach into souls and drag everything out into the open–every fear, every hesitation, every barricade to community. I want people to have the light bulb moments in which we realize that we are not so different after all–that we really are in this together. I want to see more raw, unbridled honesty in a world so full of satan’s lies that keep us disconnected from true community. How great, how healing is it when people rid themselves of all the junk in their minds and are willing to be truly known and loved?

The good news is that experiencing the Gospel in family offers both–love and relationship. But bearing the depths of your soul is the only way for healing to go that deep. My hope is that we will all find the courage to do just that, because Postsecret is not the answer–family is. After all, when our tongues finally free our secrets and fears into the air, they are mostly just exposed to be the miserable little liars that they are. The scary walls that secrets build stand no chance against the power of family.

*Taken from Postsecret.

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