grace and peace

Grace and peace. I love the way those three words sound rolling off your tongue. Even more so, I love when I find them reigning in my soul. You know the times that I am talking about–the moments when you feel at home in your own skin, where there is no battle between your spirit and your flesh and the humility of Jesus is ruling over you.

Why is it then that sometimes grace and peace seem foreign? Too often, like an oasis in the desert, they tease us with hopes of serenity while the reality of war in our flesh is almost permeable. We feel like aliens trapped inside a cage during the heat of our battle with sin. It is a terrible thing to feel torn. The opposite of grace and peace.

And this is the rather obvious but vital lesson that Scripture taught me tonight: “May grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.” 2 Peter 1.2

Grace and peace come through the knowledge of God.

Grace and peace come through knowing Jesus.

Knowing Jesus is the only thing that will grow grace and peace into my warring heart. As I grow closer to Him, He will mold the desires of my flesh into the desires of His indwelling Spirit, making peace of two previous enemies. I find such hope in that promise, especially in light of the work He has already done in my heart. He is the only source of this freedom and grace and peace.

“Know Jesus, Know Peace. No Jesus, No Peace.”

No bumper stickers allowed.

But shotgun sentences are.

Thanks to Rob Bell.

And it just so happens that he says “grace and peace” a lot.


Grace and peace to you as you grow in the knowledge of our Savior.

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