gas station eschatology

I used to be a really big Left Behind fan.  I don’t care what you say about them, or about how off Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins’ theology is…they are just good fiction.  Those books define the word “page-turner”.

However, during the past few years at Anderson, I learned a lot that changed my views on eschatology.  I am infinitely grateful for this, as I believe it has given me a more holistic picture of God’s redemption.  Plus, it has freed me from having to read Revelation like a theological crossword puzzle, and also saved me from having to affirm enormous amounts of proof-texting and some really incongruous cut and paste jobs.  Which are all good things…

But the other day I was getting gas and something funny happened.  The pump stopped and I walked over to pull the nozzle out, quickly gazing up at the screen to see that the total amount was $36.66.  Without even thinking about it, I reached down and squeezed the nozzle to put a few more cents in, subconsciously avoiding that dreadful number.  I immediately laughed at myself and thought, “What are you so afraid of?”

I guess old habits die hard.  Also, I’ve started to think about how funny it would be if God pulled a fake rapture just for kicks, to pull one over on us Anderson boys…just leave us sitting here in the dust, scratching our heads.  I mean sure, it would be the most ridiculous prank ever.  But would it be worth it?  To see the reaction on Beau Bailey’s face?

Absolutely.  It would be priceless.  Unless it wasn’t a fake rapture…and God just left us here for spite.  That would not be so cool.  But, at least we would get to join forces with Rayford, Chloe, Buck, and the rest of the tribulation force…

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