Dylan Dylan Dylan

There’s a guy in my family group at Midtown named Dylan, and he’s one of the most interesting guys I’ve ever met. For one, his name is Dylan. And that’s it. No last name. For real. The story is that his father at some point in his life legally changed his name to (I believe) Butterball, which evidently was his nickname, and dropped his last name. So when Dylan was born he therefore had no last name. I’m not joking about this either, I’ve seen his driver’s license. It literally says “Dylan, –“. Hence his Twitter name, @dylancommadash.

And to continue the aforementioned greatness of his story, God wove into his character quite an interesting mix of qualities and interests. He is an IT guy by trade, so he has all of the typical computer smarts that make normal people like me seem dumb. But he’s not your run of the mill, textbook, pocket-protector computer nerd. Nope, he also loves to dance. And I mean dance. Specifically, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). He is amazing at it, I’ve seen it. He even has “DANCE” tattooed down the back of both of his calves, which is potentially the boldest tattoo I’ve ever seen. But it doesn’t end there. Not only is he a super talented dancer computer whiz, but he also loves the outdoors and specifically hiking. To the point that right now he is hiking the Appalachian Trail. Which seems more manly than anything I’ll ever do in my life.

So yeah, that’s Dylan. I love him and the uniqueness that God has woven into him. The reason I wanted to write about him is because he will be periodically blogging his hike, and I just read the first one and found it very interesting, so I thought some of you might want to follow along. If you so desire you can find him here.

Happy hiking Dylan! And thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

41 thoughts on “Dylan Dylan Dylan”

  1. Man I saw this and was just blown away. I am so thankful for the complements as well as the link to my blog! I'm glad you are enjoying it, I should have more up today, we are hanging out at a friend's house in Hendersonville. Thank you Brandon, you are a wonderful pastor/family group leader, and I can't wait to see you and everyone else when I get home!

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