I haven’t blogged regularly in close to a year, and there have been good reasons for the absence. But I do miss it…mainly because I am becoming more and more sure that writing (pretty much anything) and reading (especially fiction) are two of the most healthy habits I can have. So I’m just popping in to say hi to anyone who wanders by, and that I do believe I will be back around here a good deal more consistently in the near future. And I know that Tumblr is the cool new blogging platform, but I’m sticking with the good ol’ WordPress for now. Well, because she’s never let me down and, frankly, I think Tumblr is confusing. But I did manage to figure out how to redesign a bit so I won’t feel like I’m writing on that blog I haven’t been on in forever.

So, that’s that. Here’s to March and crazy weather swings and writing and reading. Hope to see you around.

40 thoughts on “back”

  1. i whole-heartedly agree with your sweet wife up there. i think this is terrific as well. i am always encouraged by your writing.

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