from where i’m sitting 2-15-09

*Really?  Halfway through February already?  Wow.  I wish I had a pause button for life.

*What a great weekend it has been!  A marriage retreat to the mountains with some other couples from Midtown, a Cartel show last night, and an incredible lunch today cooked by my astonishing wife.  Acorn squash may be my new favorite food!

*All I have to say is…having a wife who will go to a Cartel show for Valentine’s day, is, well…seriously awesome.

*There was a really cool illusionist at the retreat this weekend.  It was cool because he did some amazing stuff, but he straight up told you that he was decieving you, and his entire presentation was about how easy it is to be decieved–and how we as Christians need to be about guarding truth.  I think he has inspired me to learn some magic!  Illusions…I mean.

*My friend Jon did an awesome job tonight at the Gathering talking about God as loving Father.  I think the Identity series we have been doing has been so very good for our family.  Its been so encouraging to hear conversations about the things God is teaching us through it.  So exciting.

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