from where i’m sitting 1-18-09

*So I’ve been congested for over a month now, which is fairly harmless, but annoying.  However, for some reason the past two days my cold has decided to bodyslam me mercilessly to the ground, which is never fun.  I genuinely despise being sick–especially having a sore/scratchy throat.  Thankfully, after 13 hours of sleep last night and enough cold medicine to tranquilize a small pony, I am feeling a little better.  I hope this improvement continues, because, as my lovely wife loves to say, “I ain’t got time for it.”  I don’t.  Not this week.

*I love it when my wife says that, generally about something she doesn’t want to do, or when I’m getting on her nerves.  “I ain’t got time for it!”  It makes me laugh.

*I hate how cold medicine makes you feel better for a bit and you think you’re better, and then twenty minutes later you feel like you’re getting punched in the nose again.

*It absolutely astounds me how many sirens I hear from my house every night.  Can you say North Main St.?

*Google Reader is so helpful…there is no way I could keep up with so many blogs without it.  But I do hate how it feels like a to do list sometimes.  I’m always tempted to just mark them all as read(esp. the people who update 4 or 5 times a day…do they ever do anything else?), but my curiosity usually defeats my practicality, mainly because I’m afraid of missing something good.  Oh well.

*Seriously multi-posters…take a break.  Go outside.  Spend some time with your family.  If you want to tell people when you are going to the bathroom do it on Twitter!  One post a day is plenty, don’t you think?

*I’m starting to think my cold medicine might be talking more than me tonight.  That’s all…good night.

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  1. That's life in the 29203 man. The sirens always flying by. Good to know the police and firemen are close I guess.

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