from where i’m sitting 12-8-08

*Our staff retreat this weekend was so much fun.  It still blows my mind that I get to do ministry with this group of guys.  Vision/family talks+seafood+Isle of Palms+football on the beach=pure goodness.

*I love the stars.  Especially shooting stars.  God created me to really resonate with the wide expanses and experience His goodness through them.  I used to lay outside almost every night and look at the stars while I prayed to God when I lived in the country.  Shooting stars are nowhere near as uncommon as most people think either.  You just have to a) be able to see the stars, and b) look for a long time.  They cross the sky constantly when you take the time to look, and seeing one is one of my favorite things in the world.  I have seen too many to count in my life, and every one I’ve ever seen has made me feel like God was just shouting his love at me.  I hate that you can’t see as many stars when you live in a big city, but several nights ago the sky was unusually clear above my house, and I saw the first shooting star I have ever seen in Columbia.  I was so thrilled.

*My friend Luis needs a job really bad.  Last week he worked for a lady at the Farmer’s Market who said she likes helping out the homeless.  He worked 33 hours for her and she paid him $60 for the whole week.  That=$1.82/hour.  That makes me angry.  Please pray for something to work out for him soon.

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