free judgment house!

I grew up going to Judgment Houses.  There was this one in Greenville that our church went to every year.  So when I see a sign that says, “Free Judgment House,” I think nothing of it.

But I wonder what a non-Christian who has no frame of reference for that would think when they see the same sign?

“Come on in, sit down–we’ll judge you for free!”

36 thoughts on “free judgment house!”

  1. yea I've thought a lot recently about how much our language would seem strange to someone outside the church. you know "washed by the blood of the lamb", "fire fall down"…if I didn't know what those things mean I would probably wonder what kind of cult I stumbled into.

  2. when we had foreign exchange students over from england, and we wanted them to experience Christianity.

    so we took them to a judgement house.

    none of them love jesus today either. 3 were pissed and the others were crying but they didn't know why because the gospel was ignored in the whole thing.

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