from where I’m sitting 10-5-08

I feel really good lately. I was talking with my friend Bailey tonight and we both decided that we feel “especially right” right now…whatever that means. It is nice to feel so much peace in your relationship with God and with others. I think I want to stay there forever….

What a weekend! It consisted of an awesome cookout, followed by digging up our driveway and front yard for 10 hours on Saturday to replace our sewer line. I mean, where would you rather be on a Saturday, right? It really was kind of fun(sometimes), and I know now that I truly have some amazing friends…but Matt Davis is the best(and hardest working)! It was the most manly I have ever felt walking into Lowe’s…knowing I was doing legit work like digging 6 feet deep in my yard…that I was not just there to buy weed-eater string or something!

To top the day off I got a migraine that made me throw up and miss the “new sewer line” celebration at Texas Roadhouse. It was awful. Blue gatorade burns really bad coming out of your nose!…

In the midst of election year, in the throngs of how we as Christians should participate/respond to the culture we live in, this article is a good reminder about where our hope is found. We need to remember that our trust and hope is always found in the true King and never in the next Caesar.

So did you hear about the pirates that hijacked the ship off the coast of Somalia last week? Who knew there were still pirates in our world today? I didn’t. I really hope they dress up like pirates in the movies and talk like them too. I really want to grab my sword and go over there and fight one of them on the bow of the ship…

This blog post almost made me cry.

Its October already? Really?

Wow. That is all I can say in response to this devastating story. “If this gospel I’ve been preaching is not true today, it was never true at all.” Wow.

Today=no playing in sewage, no migraine, and no throwing up. That makes a good day already, not counting the fact that I got to hang out with my church family all day. I just love all of those people…

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