from where i’m sitting 10-20-2008

*Today was such an amazing day and a perfect anniversary. Our God is so very good. He happens to have quite the sense of humor as well.

*It’s been cold, or what I consider cold, for about 3 days now I guess. I’m sick of it already. Come back Fall…why did you only last like two weeks? I’m such a wimp with the cold. Give me a hot beach over a cold mountain any day…

*My wife is the more frugal one in the family, so she has said that we are not turning the heat on in our house until our noses freeze. Don’t tell, but I turn it on sometimes when she doesn’t know. Like right now, while she is sound asleep! Its nice and toasty…

*I love you honey. You know I’m too sweet to be mad at! I’ll turn it off before I go to sleep…maybe.

*Jon Foreman=my hero right now. So so good. I might even say it is Mat Kearney good.

*I got to hang out with my good buddy Nick today. I’m gonna miss him. I hope I get to work with him in ministry again one day.

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