up to something…

For the past two days my wife and I got to take a trip back to Anderson to speak at a few things, along with Bailey and Dustin. It is just so great to go back and visit your alma mater, to catch up with old friends, ponder memories, see how your campus and former town have changed–just so much fun. And of course, the Bagel Shop just tops it off nicely. It was such a refreshing trip and I loved every minute of it. The thing that excites me the most, however, is that it is so evident that God is up to some really cool stuff on campus at Anderson. There is so much zeal and authenticity and passion for community that it is just crazy. You can just see that people are grasping the Gospel, allowing Jesus to change them. So encouraging…I saw many of the dreams a few friends and I had several years ago while starting a campus ministry that were actually taking place through BCM while I was there. I am so pumped about what God is doing there and excited about the young leaders being raised up. God is so very good, and I am so thankful for this refreshing little get-away.

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