labor day randomness

*Boo for having to work on Labor Day.

*Yay for two very good friends of mine who brought me a present because I had to work!

*I really like the word “Yay,” if thats even how you spell it. I especially like it when Adam Gibson says it. Or Erica Peterson, when she springs her multi-emotional face, and then busts out into a “Yay.” Its such a relief because then you know she is happy and not about to cry…

*Kristi and I really love our new house so much. It is just perfect for us, and I am so thankful for God providing for us. And for getting me out of an apartment that smelled like a dog…

*What were we thinking getting a dog while we lived in an apartment?

*Our neighbors are so nice. They have all been coming over to welcome us, and a few of them have brought us cookies! We have already been invited to the neighborhood New Year’s Eve party already…I can’t wait to get to know them all better. I am so pumped that it already feels like a community here–not isolated and disconnected like so many neighborhoods in America.

*I’ve discovered the best frozen dinner ever. Zatarain’s Blackened Chicken Alfredo. Try it–it is the best $2.62 you’ll ever spend.

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