a rough one.

I’m not entirely sure why, but this has been a really tough week. I’ve been on edge and frustrated a lot. I am learning more about how to express myself though, which is good. What I generally do is just hold everything in for a long time, and then I become a ticking time bomb which the tiniest thing can set off. This week has been a bit of a “kaboom”, and to make matters worse, I haven’t slept hardly at all this week. That is a bad combination. Thankfully, I have friends like Allen that I can vent to. We all need people like that who we can just explode with every once in a while when we need it. The good news is I feel better already. I had no idea how much venting would help. And on top of that, I came straight home from work today and took a 4 hour nap. I cannot describe how glorious it was. Also, Kristi is in a wedding this weekend out of town, so I am all alone and I have nothing I have to do. Although I will miss her, I am thanking Jesus right now because a weekend of solitude and Sabbath is probably what I could use more than anything right now. I am just giddy at the thought of having this much time to catch up on sleep, read, write, and relax. So heres to the glory of an extended Sabbath, and to the end of a rough week.

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