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*I started my new job today at Agape Therapy. It was really cool. I definitely got cussed out repeatedly by a 96 year old woman….Ms. Jean Byrd. It may have been the funniest thing I have ever seen! I’ll be happy to provide a re-enactment….

*I am still processing all I learned in Orlando last week. So much goodness. I love learning that kind of stuff, being challenged, and getting to process it all with my best friends. Here are a few quotes of the week I can think of (paraphrased):

Alan Hirsch “So many people think Revelation 3:20 is about Jesus knocking on our hearts. It’s not. This is about the church at Laodicea, and Jesus is saying that He is locked out of the church and is knocking on the door to get back in. What the (insert expletive) is Jesus doing outside of the Church? Sadly, this is true with many of our churches in America–Jesus is locked outside with the whores and the drug addicts while we play church.”


Darrin Patrick “Are you aware of some of your own motives for doing ministry?”

“Developing a Gospel identity is realizing the depths of your own depravity and also the heights of your acceptance–each day becoming more and more broken by your sin while basking in the love of your Father.”

Tim Keller “The Gospel is the power of God in verbal form.”

“The difference between a Pharisee and a Christian is that a Christian also repents of his righteousness–because he knows it comes from dirty and self-glorifying motives.”

Rick Warren “A crowd is not a Church. Anyone can get a crowd together and preach.”

“Never, ever compare yourself to anyone. You will always find someone doing better than you, and you will become discouraged. You will always find someone doing worse than you, and you will get prideful. Just be you.”

“Sadly, many of our churches in America have had their hands and feet amputated, and all that is left is one giant mouth.”

*I told you it was good.

*Tonight I sat on my screened porch and listened–really listened, to the wind scurrying through the trees behind our apartment. It was so gorgeous and life giving.

*Last but not least, my wife is incredible. She is discovering more of her passions, and that is so exciting. I think she is going to go back to school for counseling, which I think is beautiful. Also, she is unfolding more of her artsy self by starting to sew and make cool stuff. Maybe one day she can make our clothes….that would be cool. Yesterday she made her first pocketbook. You ladies better get in line–they are gonna be the rage before you know it. Custom made, one of a kind from Kristi Clements. Also, she made a coffee table on our porch out of a window pane and a upside down tin bucket. It’s awesome. Maybe some of her coolness will rub off on me…

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