Want A Free Kindle Touch? Starbucks Giftcard? To Win At Life?

Last week was the 6 month anniversary of the launch of Every Bush Is Burning. To celebrate (and also to get the word out), I’m giving away a free Kindle Touch (!) (even though I’m jealous and want to keep it), along with some other cool things. In general, if you like coffee, reading, and winning at life, you’re in the right place.

The Kindle Touch is sitting in a Target bag beside my desk, just waiting to be opened by its new owner. Which could very well be you. (Unless I find a morally acceptable way to enter my own giveaway, which seems unlikely…)

In addition to the Kindle Touch, I’m also giving away:

  • 2nd Place: A $15 Starbucks giftcard
  • 3rd Place: A signed print copy of Every Bush Is Burning (3 available)

What do you have to do to enter, you ask? There are four options below in the nifty Rafflecopter widget.

1) Share this post on Facebook or Twitter (3 points)

2) Like Every Bush Is Burning on Facebook (3 points)

3) Buy the Kindle version for 99 cents (Or borrow for free if you have Amazon Prime) (10 points)

4) Review the book on Amazon or Goodreads (A perk for those of you who’ve already read it) (10 points)

Doing any one of them puts you in the running, but you can do all of them to increase your chances (and you can even do most of them multiple times!). My math skills are a little dusty, but I do believe it’s possible to get well over 100 points, which would surely make you a force to be reckoned with.

Please do share away, but especially if you don’t have it yet, why not get the Kindle version? It’s only 99 cents right now, after all. That’s cheaper than a car! (And also a cup of coffee.)

Happy bidding and I wish you the best. Sign into Rafflecopter below with Facebook or your email to get more info and enter. Comment below if you have any questions and I’ll answer promptly.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

┬áP.S. If you have already a) bought the book, b) liked the Facebook page, or c) reviewed the book on Amazon or Goodreads…yes that counts. Award yourself the points!

79 thoughts on “Want A Free Kindle Touch? Starbucks Giftcard? To Win At Life?”

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