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I believe that in many ways, Christian creativity is in a crisis. Partly, because a lot of Christian art is not good art, and it does not resonate with our culture (but that’s another discussion). And partly because in some church circles, creativity is under-valued and neglected, to the detriment of the church. But I’m glad to say that recently I met a group of people who are trying to change that.

In September I got the chance to go to the STORY Conference in Chicago, and it was amazing. They are really going after resourcing and inspiring Christian creatives (writers, artists, videographers, designers, musicians)…and Ben Arment, Sarah Cunningham and crew are doing this incredibly well. They are building a great tribe and providing tons of resources and support for creatives wanting to use and develop their giftedness to serve the gospel. In January, they are hosting a Dream Year Weekend in Charlotte that will be super helpful for anyone trying to pursue an overwhelming project that you’re passionate about. I’m hoping to go, and I wanted to spread the word about it in case it could be helpful for anyone else pursuing a passion that seems overwhelming. More info below if you are interested…I assure you it will be well worth it.

This is My Year from Dream Year on Vimeo.

Dream Year Weekend in Charlotte, NC – January 27-29, 2012

I’m pleased to announce that Dream Year, an event from the makers of STORY family, is coming to Charlotte.

This event is a weekend-long, boot camp version of Dream Year’s year-long coaching process that helps people achieve a larger-than-life dream within 12 months.  Participants include everyone from filmmakers and church planters to entrepreneurs and authors. No dream is too big, and no idea is too far-fetched.

This fast-track coaching event will be hosted at Team Church on January 27-29, 2012. During this three-day, intensive retreat, you’ll cover much of the content of Dream Year, collaborate with other dreamers, hear from special guests, and get personal feedback on your particular dream.

Whether you don’t know what your dream is and need clarity or you’re certain of what it is and need to know the next steps, Dream Year weekend is right for you.

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This course is designed in a way that can be tailored to your dream for a price that is less than the cost of one college credit at most universities: $249.00. Most meals are included. Seats are limited.

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