thoughts and a video from #jayza2011

This weekend was an incredible celebration of Jay and Liza’s wedding (#jayza2011). It was such a blast to celebrate with them, and I’m becoming more convinced that celebrating God-honoring weddings of close friends is too good to describe. There’s just something about being at a wedding where there are no worries or reservations–where you know God is all over their relationship, the gospel is preached through their love for one another, and you feel sure they will have a long, happy life of faithfulness to each other, until death do them part. It really is an incredible thing to celebrate, and I found myself in tears during their ceremony. Thankfully, it’s not the first one I’ve been to and I hope and pray that there will be many more of these to come, where everything in me is in agreement with them and during the ceremony I’m thinking, “Yes, yes! This is good, this is right…this is so glorifying to God and is going to hold so much joy for them!”

So, a thousand congrats to my newlywed friends! And, for those of you who missed the wedding, I took a short video of the Pew Shuffle live on the dance floor if you are interested. And if you’re not interested, well, you should be. And, if for some reason you have never seen the original world famous music video of the Pew Shuffle, you can find that gem here. But know that “J Hem” is now officially off the market, forever.

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