here’s to marriage

Jay Hendricks is one of my best friends in the world, and he is getting married this weekend. I am so stoked for him that I can hardly stand it. We were at lunch one day last week, and he was telling me how it is discouraging to talk to some people that he encounters because they are all doom and gloom about marriage…”Why would you want to do that?…Are you sure about that?…Oh no, the old ball and chain…” I went through the same exact thing when I was working at my first Columbia job before I got married, and it was very depressing. I know some people joke around about that stuff, and even that sucks–but some people are really serious. People talk about marriage like it’s the Black Plague or something.

And well, that sucks. Because marriage is freaking awesome. At least it is when God’s design for it is followed. It’s really, really, really good. I’ve been married for close to 4 years and I have genuinely loved every single day of it. I’m not saying it’s never been difficult or trying, because last time I checked we’re both still sinners, but the joy and blessing that it is makes the “hard” stuff look pathetic. When I was telling Jay how much I love my marriage, I told him that I felt like I was taking him on a trip to Alaska, the prettiest place I’ve ever been, and that I was telling him all about it and describing it, but the real reason I was so excited was because he was about to experience it, and then he would know what I couldn’t describe in words.

So we decided that what we need is more people who love Jesus and love their marriages to speak up about it. To be the voice that says, “You’re getting married? I’m so excited for you. I love my marriage. It is really, really good if you do things right.”

So, consider this my official statement that I love my wife and my marriage, seriously more than I can use words to say. They just seem silly. And single people, if you ever get discouraged about people talking about marriage like its an airborne disease to avoid at all costs and it makes you wonder if you even want to get married, come pull up a chair and talk to me. For real.

Here’s to God’s gift of marriage. Because it’s awesome and He doesn’t give bad gifts. And, because MY WIFE IS NOT A FREAKING BALL AND CHAIN. She is my wife, and I adore everything about her.

Here’s to the joining of Jay Hendricks and Liza Butler in holy matrimony. You guys are gonna love the trip, I promise.

Married folks, raise your glasses to healthy marriages, to bragging on spouses instead of bashing them. And single folks, raise your glasses to the fact that marriage can be oh so much better than what the peanut gallery attests to. Cross my heart and hope to die.

Here here.

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