eight days that changed the world

This timeline comes from a presentation from my class on the book of John. I thought it would be helpful to keep these in mind and walk through them in Scripture this week to give us more of a sense of presence for the week that changed history.

  • Sunday AM–Triumphal entry into Jerusalem
  • Sunday PM–Return to Bethany
  • Monday AM–Fig tree cursed
  • Monday PM–Temple cleansed/Greeks seek Jesus
  • Tuesday AM–Fig tree withered/Leaders question Jesus
  • Tuesday PM–The Olivet Discourse
  • Wednesday–Judas deals with leaders
  • Thursday AM–Peter and John prepare the Passover meal
  • Thursday PM–Passover/The Upper Room Discourse
  • Thursday PM/Friday AM–Arrest & Trials
  • Friday around mid-day–Crucifixion
  • Saturday–Sabbath
  • Sunday AM–Resurrection
  • Sunday PM–Jesus appears in the Upper Room

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