another day

Update: I’m in seminary at CIU now. It’s really good and tough at the same time. Good, because I love it so much and it has been so very good so far. Bad, because I’m thinking I may have went and bit off a little more than I can chew. Two jobs and full-time seminary has turned out to be a tad more of a plate full than I expected. If I post again in December then you’ll know I didn’t die.

Anywho…today I’ve been a little inwardly whiny about having to work tomorrow on Labor Day. And then, as usual, my friend Luis gave me a little dose of reality tonight when we were talking after church. He was telling me about his frustrations from not being able to find work, and he said:

“You know, I get so crazy having no work, nothing to do every day, walking…walking…and walking, and still finding no work. I get up every morning and say, “Which way?”, knowing none of the ways will prolly have work. But I can’t get mad, because its another day God has given me, another chance.  So I just get up and I say, ‘Let’s go, let’s do this.’ God is good and today is another day.”

Yep. That’s all.

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