advent conspiracy

Advent Conspiracy just makes way too much sense.  This idea convicts and resonates with me so much that I almost come to tears every time I see this video.  What a beautiful, Gospel-telling way to reclaim the good news of Christmas from the death-breathing consumerism of our culture.  Check out the video:


My wife and I are really excited about participating in AC this Christmas.  You want to join us?

This is another great article about Advent as well.  If we could sink our minds into this maybe it would prevent that terrible feeling you get when it seems like in all the craziness Christmas snuck up on you and is gone before you have a moment to let the wonder settle.

Emmanuel.  God is with us.  This is the good news of Advent.  For us, for friends and family, for the thirsty people dying in Africa.  His coming is good news for us all.  Let’s celebrate Christmas in a way that shows that is true.

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