a cheerful giver

Luis lost his job a few weeks ago. He has walked around town every day since looking for work, finding odd jobs here and there to make a few bucks, but nothing stable. On the way to his house after church tonight we stopped at the ATM to get some money out of his bank account so he will be able to buy food. He is down to just a few hundred bucks to his name and has rent due at the end of the month. When I handed him his money, he took a $20 bill and gave it back to me.

“Will you put this in the offering for me since I didn’t have money at church tonight?”

“Well, sure I can…” I said as he handed me the money. “But Luis, you haven’t been working…so you know you don’t have to give this, right?”

“I know, but I want to because it’s my church.” he said, smiling. “It’s just nice to have friends and family who talk to you, who say ‘how are you doing?’ and who care about you.”

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