when he shakes his mane

I finally got to see Prince Caspian tonight! I wish I could tell you how much I love these stories. I decided tonight that Aslan is absolutely my favorite character in any movie I’ve seen or story I’ve heard. When Aslan comes to the rescue I turn into a little child jumping out of my seat in wonder. For real, ask my friend Jay. Aslan’s roar terrifies me, grips me, and produces an inexpressibly profound hope all at the same time. What an amazing Christ-figure he is. I think it is so incredible how millions of people around the world are seeing the Gospel by reading and watching the Chronicles of Narnia.

Here are my favorite quotes from the movie:

Aslan: “Rise, Kings and Queens of Narnia….All of you.”(to Prince Caspian)

Prince Caspian: “I do not believe I am ready yet.”

Aslan: “That is precisely the reason why you are ready.”


Lucy: “If I would have come to you sooner, would all of those people have died?”

Aslan: “We can never know what would have happened. But we do know what will happen.”


Lucy: “When Aslan shakes his mane, we shall see spring again.”

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