This just absolutely blows my mind. I guess I knew that tribes like this still exist in theory, but when I see pictures and read about them it just blows a circuit. I can hardly fathom groups of people unreached by the Gospel, much less entire tribes completely untouched by the world. It’s like Apocalypto…today, in 2008. Crazy. I guess my dreams of being a warrior in a tribe like that may not be dead after all…

34 thoughts on “what?”

  1. brandonclements

    Please do! That would be so sick. Just make the body a really bad, warrior looking dude. At least I can pretend…

    I need a spear.

  2. AOL and Yahoo reported today that this whole story was faked, though the pictures were real. As usually, I've no clue whom to believe and whom not to. Which is why I'm a sci-fi writer. If you like time travel. come visit my Timeship. Godspeed!

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