Giveaway Insanity for Every Bush Is Burning

Man. It’s been a really crazy, fun week for Every Bush Is Burning.

Last Wednesday I started a promotion where the Kindle version would be free for 5 days, to hopefully spread the word and gain some exposure. I was hoping it would reach a couple thousand new readers total, but when I checked the stats mid-day on Wednesday, it was already well over 5,000.

My mouth hit my desk.

Over the next few days, it climbed up into the #3 and #2 spots in the Free Kindle Store (of over a million free books). That gave it a ton of exposure and I continued to be dumbfounded as I watched the downloads continue to grow.

The final giveaway number absolutely blew my mind:

59, 985

Fifty-nine thousand people. (So close to sixty!)

I still can’t really believe it. So floored.

I am so, so grateful that God aligned the stars right to get it on that bestseller list and get a lot of traction. It came at such a good time, as I’ve been praying a lot for God to take the book and really do something with it. I’ve very much so felt like I’ve done all that I could do to get the word out about the book and told God that if it was really going to reach a lot of people, He was going to have to take it and do it.

And He did. Times sixty thousand!

It’s so very cool to see such an incredible and drastic answer to prayer.

I’ve already gotten a good many responses from new readers, with some really, really cool feedback. One person said it made her want to return to God and the church. A few are thinking about Jesus now and wondering if the book was God pursuing them. One person who had prosperity theology crumble to pieces in their life said the story was a gift on their way to discover the true gospel.

Excuse me for a second…


Okay, I’m back.

It’s really quite ridiculous. The reason I spent countless hours writing this book was to hopefully affect people like this and start these conversations…and God got it to almost sixty thousand new people. Incredible.

And it is still doing well even after the promotion. The Kindle version is only 99 cents (to hopefully keep spreading to as many possible), and today it reached #1 in the bestseller category for Religious Fiction. Needless to say, it’s selling a lot more than it was before the promotion. Very exciting. Amazon reviews are also pouring in, and they are really fun to read.

I’m praying for lots and lots more emails that make me shake my head in amazement. Would you mind praying the same thing with me? That it would continue to reach more people–that God would use it to speak very boldly into the lives of many?

I’d certainly appreciate it if you would. I’ll take every prayer I can get!

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